Sand Castle Automatic Production Line


  • The equipment is mainly used in the production of  sand castle in toy industry.
  • The cup is automatically feedingthrough the vibration feeder, the sand is automatically feeding through theconveyor belt, automatically feeding into the cup, and automatically enters theback-end equipment;
  • Automaticoperation of the equipment, automatic discharge, manual addition of rawmaterials;


• UPH:3750pcs/h

• Utilization Rate :80%

• Operator:1 person

• Size: length x width x height 13000x6000x2500mm(subject to the actual design )

• Applicable Voltage : AC220V 50Hz

•  ApplicablePressure :4~6Kgf/cm2

• AirConsumption : 1000L/hAirConsumption : 1000L/h

• Quality guarantee period:Oneyear and Provide technical support.


  • Fully automatic operation, only manual feeding of vibrating feeder and  sand feeding, simple operation, saving manpower
  • Make appropriate control programs and use touch screen to control and adjust. 
  • The control program is easy to operate and can be modified according to the production process on site. 
  • Establish monitoring, alarm information and clear prompt to realize automatic shutdown of material shortage and failure
  • Ensuring safe operation coefficient of equipment, emergency stop, automatic power cut, installation of anti-mistake touch isolation facilities
  • Every dangerous area is pasted with protective and warning signs, and acrylic protective panels are added in moving and overturning operation areas.