Perfume assembly line


  • The upper and lower cap and fragrance body of the vehicle perfume can be automatically assembled through the pipeline, thereby reducing labor cost and improving production efficiency..
  • The main functions of the equipment are:the lower cap feedingmechanism,colloid feedingmechanism,upper cap feedingmechanism, ultrasonic welding positioning mechanism,Discharge conveyorbelt mechanism,Vibration feeder,Control box,


    Power specification: 220V (three-phase)/50Hz 

 Total power: 6500kw     

 Air source (air pressure): 0.5~0.7Mpa

  Touch screen operation of Chinese-English interfaceswitching 



  • Pneumatic mechanical structure design, simple debugging, reliable mechanism; 
  •  Reasonable structure arrangement, high operation efficiency, strong equipment stability and low failure rate;
  •  According to the principle of ergonomics, the operation space of equipment should be fully laid out.
  •  The procedure is simple and easy to operate, which reduces the requirement for operators.
  •  Maintenance cost is low, vulnerable parts are basically bearings and other categories, can be quickly replaced.