Motor assembly line


  • The equipment is mainly used for automatic assembly of fan motors.
  • The main functions of this equipment are: back cover feeding, nut feeding, casing heat shrinkage, rotor assembly, front cover assembly, automatic turning, screw tightening, NG product discharge, nut discharge, motor knocking, wave box automatic assembly, wave box automatic tightening, motor secondary knocking device, spindle series inspection, spindle oiling and automatic discharing. 
  • The equipment can adapt to the assembly and production of two kinds of motors with different specifications, and achieve the goal of flexible production for customers.


• C/T: 6s

• UPH: 600Pcs / H 

• Utilization rate: ≥85% 

• Actual capacity:500-550 Pcs / H 

• Defect rat: ≤3% (except for not good incoming materials) 

• Dimensions: length x width x height (specifically based on actual design dimensions)

• Applicable voltage: AC220V 50Hz

• Applicable air pressure: 4~6Kgf/cm2 

• Complete line power: ≤15 KW

• Air consumption: 1500L/H 


  • Flexible production in factories can be realized by man-machine combination and full automation of some processes
  • Make appropriate control programs and use touch screen to control and adjust. 
  • The control program is easy to operate and can be modified according to the production process on site. 
  • Establish monitoring, alarm information and clear prompt to realize automatic shutdown of material shortage and failure
  • Ensuring safe operation coefficient of equipment, emergency stop, automatic power cut, installation of anti-mistake touch isolation facilities
  • Every dangerous area is pasted with protective and warning signs, and acrylic protective panels are added in moving and overturning operation areas.