Magic Stick Assembly Line


  • This Magic Stick Assembly Line is mainly used for pasting the magic stickers on the sweeping robot  automatically, which improves productivity and reduces manual input.
  • The main functions of the equipment are:Rack body, Conveying system, Positioning system, Magic tape stripping and feeding mechanism, Carrier disc, The ascending and descending mechanism


UPH: 500 Pcs/H

Operator: 1 person

Size:  3000 * 1230 * 1673 mm 

Applicable voltage: AC220V 50Hz

Applicable Pressure: 4~6Kgf/cm2

Whole line power: <=4 KWGas 

consumption: 1000L/h


  • Pneumatic mechanical structure design, simple debugging, reliable mechanism; 
  •  Reasonable structure arrangement, high operation efficiency, strong equipment stability and low failure rate;
  •  According to the principle of ergonomics, the operation space of equipment should be fully laid out.
  •  The procedure is simple and easy to operate, which reduces the requirement for operators.
  •  Maintenance cost is low, vulnerable parts are basically bearings and other categories, can be quickly replaced.