Lens three-piece assembly machine


  • The whole machine is driven bymotor and the manipulator is driven by rodless cylinder. The operation is simple, the complexity of control program is reduced, and the level of operation for the equipment is reduced.The assembly machine adopts one-out-two mode to increase output.         
  • The UPH of the assembly machine is 2000-3000Pcs/H, andthe stability of the equipment is high, equivalent to about 8.Individual productivity output greatly improves the productivity of factories. 



  •  pneumatic mechanical structure design, debugging is simple, reliablemechanism.
  •  Reasonable structure arrangement, high operation efficiency, strongequipment stability and low failure rate.
  •  Fully arrange the operatingspace of the equipment according to ergonomic principles. 
  •  The program is simple and easy to operate, reducing the requirementfor operators. 
  •  The maintenance cost is low, and the wearing parts are basicallybearings, belts, etc., which can be replaced quickly.
  •  Each assembled product is tested and monitored in real time toimprove the qualification rate. 
  •  The device has door opening and stop function.