JAKE OWENS LINE——perfume automatic production.


  •  This square perfume is a newly developed product, and now it is in the stage of mould test. In order to automate the production line and save labor, customers require automatic import from the new product development stage.
  • The main functions of the equipment are: automatic feeding of 4 components of perfume, automatic combination according to the processes, ultrasonic welding, end product testing, automatic discharging.




•Utilization Rate :≥80%

•Defective Rate :≤3%

•Operator:1 person( Product feeding and equipment troubleshooting )

•Dimensions: length x width x height 5500x4000x2000( subject to the actual design ) 

 • ApplicableVoltage : AC220V 50Hz 

 • ApplicablePressure :4~6Kgf/cm2

 • Power:≤3Kw

 • AirConsumption : 1200L/h


  • The whole line is designed for automatic production mode. All 4 components of perfume are feeded by vibration feeder. Only the operator need to replenish the material to the vibration feeder on time, so as to reduce labor cost.
  •  Conbined with ultrasonic welding,It is realized fast speed welding ,high efficiency as well as surface welding spot is perfect and the seamless welding. 
  •  The control procedure is easy to operate and can be modified according to the needs of the on-site production process.
  • Integrating  a  perfect automatic detection system to detect whether the product is complete or not, and the unqualified product is discharged automatically.
  •  The defective rate of products is lower than that of manual assembly.