Coffee machine tester


  • The device is mainly used for testing coffee machines in small household appliances industry 
  • The main functions of the equipment are: grinding beans, weighing coffee powder, automatic angle adjustment of machine head, secondary test, assembly of stop tablets, screw tightening, dust removal of coffee powder, automatic cutting. 
  • The equipment can adapt to the test of two different specifications of coffee machine head, and achieve the goal of flexible production for customers.


• C/T: 40s 

• UPH: 90Pcs / H 

• Utilization rate: ≥85% 

• Actual capacity:70-80 Pcs / H 

• Defect rat: ≤3% (except for not good incoming materials) 

• Dimensions: length x width x height 1400x1400x1800mm (specifically based on actual design dimensions) 

• Applicable voltage: AC220V 50Hz 

•  Applicable air pressure: 4~6Kgf/cm2 

• Complete line power: ≤3 KW 

• Air consumption: 1000L/H 

• Complete line power: ≤3 KW 

• Air consumption: 1200L/H 


  • One operator can realize production by operation, which is simple to operate and saves manpower.
  • Make appropriate control programs and use touch screen to control and adjust. 
  • The control program is easy to operate and can be modified according to the production process on site. 
  • Establish monitoring, alarm information and clear prompt to realize automatic shutdown of material shortage and failure
  • Ensuring safe operation coefficient of equipment, emergency stop, automatic power cut, installation of anti-mistake touch isolation facilities
  • Every dangerous area is pasted with protective and warning signs, and acrylic protective panels are added in moving and overturning operation areas.