Automatic Packaging Line for Sand Castle


  • The equipment is mainly used for the sand castle packaging in toy industry.
  • The main functions of the equipment are: automatic feeding,auto packing by robots, color box fixing  and automatic flow in after process
  • Fully automatic operation, no need for manual packaging, Operators only need to input rawmaterials. After automatic packing, they will flow into thenext process automatically.
  • Reduce the probability of misplacement due to many color for the color box and difficult to distinguish
  • Improve packaging quality and  reduce the consumption.


• C/T:6s/6Pcs、12s/12Pcs、18s/18Pcs、24s/24Pcs 

• UPH:3600Pcs/H

• Utilization:85%

•Actual Capacity:About2800-3000 Pcs / H
•Adaptable Voltage: AC220V 50Hz
•Air Consumption:4~6Kgf/cm2

• Power:<=5 KW