Zhongshan JunTim automation Co., Ltd , is a enterprise focus on industrial automation production solutions design,production and sales, professional to provide customers with complete robot systems and integrated automation solutions.

They are widely used in toys, 3C (automobile,communication, electronic), hardware, home appliances (rice cooker, switch, air conditioner) etc., the main automation equipments are: assembly line, packaging line, metal stamping, loading and unloading processing, palletizing, handling,etc.

What We Do 

The specific products and conditions of each enterprise are different. It is difficult to satisfy all customers 'needs only by standard products. 

Therefore, non-standard automation equipment can greatly improve productivity and reduce production costs for the industrial manufacturing industry with flexible customization, convenient operation and diversified functions, and can stabilize and improve the quality of product production. To avoid losses caused by human errors. 

Automation Advantages 

 Our Company Culture 

Work Smart

The R&D personnel of the company have strongR&D ability and rich practical experience, and devote themselveswholeheartedly to solving the problems of automated production for customers,providing customers with efficient, stable and reasonably priced automatedproducts and robotic products technology and services, greatly improvingproductivity and reducing production costs for customers. Improve the stabilityof products, working environment and provide efficient and perfect one-stopservice. Young professional teams provide high quality solutions for automationdesign.

The R&D team of Zhongshan JunTimAutomation Co., Ltd. is mainly composed of professionals with non-standardautomation experience, with rich experience in non-standard automationequipment design, mainly to electronics, household appliances, hardware andother industries to provide customized equipment services. Good at modulardesign, machine vision development integration. The equipment is flexible andcan satisfy the diverse needs of various customers. The R & D team'squalifications are all above bachelor and postgraduate. 

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