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Phone: 86-760-87502006      E-mail:Jiangqiqi@juntim.cn

No.8 of Minying Road, Minying technological park,

Shiqi district, Zhongshan city, Guangdong province, China.



    we provide online and onsite support, within 24 hours for online response.



    We customize all machinery to suit the specific needs of every customer.



    Increased productivity and lower maintenance, labor cost means great return on investment.



    High quality machinery and reliable functionality that keep on delivering year after year.

    Zhongshan Juntim Automation Co.,Ltd



         Zhongshan Juntim Automation Co., Ltd, is an enterprise focus on industrial automation production solutions design,production and sales, professional to provide customers with complete robot systems and integrated automation solutions.

         They are widely used in toys, 3C(automobile, communication, electronic), hardware, home appliances (rice-cooker, switch, air conditioner) etc., the main automation equipment are:assembly line, packaging line, metal stamping, loading and unloading processing, palletizing, handling, etc... 


    Our customers are not only over China,but also exported to North

    America,Europe and Southeast Asia and Africa.